More durable than belts, today’s engine timing chains are designed for the lifetime of the engine. Morse TEC’s advancements in chain technologies deliver durable, low-friction, low-noise chains for a variety of applications. 

Best-in-Class Silent Chain

Morse TEC’s silent chain technology offers the lowest noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) in the business, hands down. Super finish aperture (SFA) links improve wear performance. Precisely designed geometry reduces mass. Our next generation chain for direct-injected, boosted engines also offers best-in-class strength and durability.  

Roller and Bushing Chain

Available in a range of pitches, Morse TEC produces roller and bushing chains for applications that require reduced cost, lower weight and high durability even in severe environments. Shaped profiles and oriented bushings offer improved wear performance with lower noise. High efficiency versions are currently under development.
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