Cool Logic Fan Drives

Cool Logic heavy-duty, variable speed fan drives are a breakthrough in engine cooling technology. Not only are they electronically controlled and maintenance-free, they provide improved fuel economy while meeting the needs of the stringent North American heavy duty truck emissions requirements.

Cool Logic drives feature electronic modulating speed control. This means precise temperature control all the time, extending the life of the entire cooling system including the radiator and charge air cooler. Couple that feature with the fuel saving fan speed control scheme and the maintenance-free design, and you’re well on your way to cool savings.​

Features Benefits
Continuously Variable Cooling Fan Speed Control
More Power on grades, as much as 60 additional horsepower avaliable to the wheels
Less Engine Drag
As much as 4 percent city / 2 percent highway average mileage improvement (dependent on duty cycles)
​Proven Wet Friction Technology ​Precise linear fan control with lock up capability
Smooth Changes in Fan Speed

Longer wear life for all cooling system components, reduction in temperature extremes of 79%.

Maintenance-Free Design

Eliminates routine and preventive maintenance, No aire sytem connection or components required. 

BenefitsVehicle TypeEngine Type
Fuel EconomyReduced EmissionsCommercial VehicleOff Highway VehicleDiesel