Visctronic Fan Drives

Visctronic fan drives utilize BorgWarner’s proven viscous technology with precise electronic control. The fan drive is controlled by the engine’s control module for precise fan speed modulation. Visctronic fan drives provide better engine cooling and improved fuel economy with minimum parasitic loss. The Visctronic fan drive’s ability to better control engine temperature effectively provides the cooling needed for low emission requirements. Also, lower average fan speed and horsepower draw during cooling results in reduced noise, greater economy, and improved driver comfort. All of which make it an ideal choice for commercial vehicles, light trucks and off-highway products around the world.
Features Benefits
Proven viscous technology with precise electronic control
Allow for precise fan speed modulation
Improved fan controllability
Fan operates when required
and at the appropriate speed
allowing for possible fuel savings of 6-10%
High-speed reservoir and
patented fluid

Faster fan response times and better system controllability
Low parasitic drag at fan
idle speed

Providing more power to the wheels

Fail Safe™ design

Provides continuous cooling insuring reliable operation preventing costly breakdowns
Self-contained unit design
Maintenance free, nothing to service or maintain
BenefitsVehicle TypeEngine Type
Fuel EconomyReduced EmissionsPerformanceLight TruckCommercial VehicleOff Highway VehicleGasolineDiesel