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  • 171702 comp wheel inducer


    What is the compressor wheel inducer diameter on the 171702?

    171702 has a comp wheel inducer of 74.5mm.

  • Replacement of 1270-970-0016 with 1270-988-0050 (two port actuator)


    I have a customer who is replacing a 1270-970-0016 and we sent him a 1270-988-0050 per Turbo Driven. He is saying that the actuator is different and he is having trouble mounting it. Can you verify?

    The actuator position on this application allows rain water to collect around the actuator rod and enter into the canister causing corrosion. That is why the original 1270 970 0016 was replaced by 1270 970 0050 with the two port actuator modification.

    1270 970 0050/1270 988 0050 has a special seal around the actuator rod to prevent the rain water getting into the actuator canister but the seal also prevents the air from escaping when the actuator is in motion.

    The second lower actuator port connection, the one nearest to the rod, allows the air to escape during actuator operation. The lower port should not be blocked and it does not require anything to be fitted to it.

    Instruct the customer to connect the boost pressure hose from the compressor cover to the top port on the wastegate canister and the bottom port is not to be connected to anything or blocked off.

  • 4760960599 cross reference


    Does any one have the BorgWarner part number for 4760960599?

    476 096 0599 crosses to BW part number 80000172194 built in Itatiba.

    An IDS / IAM version of 80000172194 is not available.

    Other Possible IAM turbos are:

    319700 from Bradford – has 2xM10 threads in turbine inlet flange instead of thru holes
    718704 from Itatiba – has 2xM10 threads in turbine inlet flange instead of thru holes
    14879880008 from Bradford – has 2xM10 threads in turbine inlet flange and forged milled comp/whl

    319331 from Bradford – has NAD in air inlet (turbine inlet has 4 thru holes)
    14879880001 from Bradford – has NAD in air inlet and forged milled comp/whl (turbine inlet has 4 thru holes)

  • Upgrade turbo for 5303 988 0011?


    Is there an upgrade turbo offered for 5303 988 0011?

    Our drop-in upgrade for 5303 988 0011 is 5304 988 7501. It supports up to 230 hp (only achievable with new engine mapping and possibly further upgrades such as fuel pressure regulator, injectors, spark plugs etc.).

  • Thrust Bearing Upgrade K0


    Is there a better thrust bearing for K03 and K04 turbos for upgrade and performance purposes?

    Yes. The standard K0 thrust bearing (for clockwise rotation) is 5314 155 1302 with 5 pads:

    An interchangeable thrust bearing with 7 pads and therefore higher thrust load capacity is 5314 155 1303:

    It can be fitted instead of 5314 155 1302 without requiring any other modifications. Both are made of the same material.

    CAUTION: When changing a thrust bearing, always make sure that it has the correct sense of rotation for your turbo!

  • Surge Problems with 317844 & 317772


    For one of our customers we are trying to solve a (turbo) problem. Customer is using a Deutz BF8M1015P with 2 turbo’s 317844, oem p/n 0422 6496. At 1500rpm (about 340KW) 1 turbo starts to “bark”/surge?, at 1600rpm both turbo’s are surging. At 1800 rpm problems are over. Customer wants to use this engine at 1500rpm/400Kw. We think the problem can be solved by using another turbinehousing on both turbo’s. Please let me know if you agree with this solution. Second question is: if your answer is yes, which turbo’s or turbine housings do we need and is this a plug and play solution?

    Turbo 317844/317772 has a turbine housing size 1.31a/r (Turbine housing part No 316816) 

    There is a turbo in the same family which is 317848/317774, this is the same as 317844/317772 except with the larger size turbine housing 1.44a/r (Turbine housing part No 316817). 

    If the turbine housing is changed for the larger size the turbo spool up & turbo speeds will be slower at the lower engine rpms which will have the effect of producing less boost. As a plug & play option this might solve the surge issue at 1500rpm but the best way to find out would be to test it.

  • Difference between 1000 988 0020 and 1000 988 0057


    Could you please advise the difference for turbo R2S P/No. 1000 988 0020 and 1000 988 0057 (both composed by 53039880167 + 12659700000)?

    They are almost the same. 1000 988 0020 includes a pipe that connects the two compressors. 1000 988 0057 comes without that pipe; instead it has an adaptor fitted on the outlet of the larger comp/hsg.

    1000 988 0020:

    1000 988 0057:

    Reason: On 1000 970 0057, Iveco fits an interstage cooler between the two compressors.


    The p/n of the adaptor for 1000 988 0057 is 5900 109 1302.


  • 58251106014


    About 54359880027: Can you please confirm that the actuator number is 58251106014? If yes, can you please advice if you could supply this actuator?

    The part no. is correct. This actuator is not available separately, because without electronic programming after assembly it will not work correctly. The electronic position sensor has to be programmed specifically for the turbo it is fitted on, otherwise it will send wrong signals to the ECU.

    There is no aftermarket device that we know of that can carry out this programming. The equipment we use in our assembly line is not suitable or affordable for workshops.

  • K03-0207 instead of K03-0205


    Is it possible to change the 53039880205 into a 53039880207 to achieve more power? The car is a VW Golf 6 2.0 TDI with 110 PS.

    The 53039880207 fits without changes but more power will only be achieved with an increase of injected fuel quantitiy. This only pays off if you want to achieve more than ~170 PS; up to ~170 PS the 53039880205 is sufficient.

    With -0207 you can go up to approx. 200 PS.

  • EFR-6758 Compressor Map


    In the 2015 Performance Catalogue, the compressor map of EFR-6758 is different from the one in earlier catalogues. It seems to have a higher flow capacity now. Which is the correct one?

    The original 6758 map was created long ago from pre-production hardware before we ran the 67mm wheel to full speed and choke (you'll notice the original map has the top speed line conservatively extrapolated).

    We had to compile the original catalog map database quickly and this was the best map we had at the time.

    Of course we did run the production hardware to full speed and choke and this full map has now been published in the catalog and on the Match Bot.

  • Electronic Actuator on Audi BV50 turbos (e.g. 5304 988 0054)


    If we fit a new electronic actuator onto turbo 5304 988 0054, does this need a new setting then? It seems that the Audi dealer has a special tool to do this. How shall we do this in the aftermarket?

    After fitting a new e-actuator to 5304 988 0054, the actuator has to be “taught in” with a special electronic device.

    Currently the only way is to ask a VW dealer to do it or buy the VW tool VAS 6395 A. Click here for some info about the device VAS 6395A.

    If I read that document right, you need to have the accessory set VAS 6395/4 (ASE 404 574 00 000) to work with Siemens VDO actuators as fitted on BorgWarner BV50 turbos for Audi/VW. It appears that this set is not included in VAS 6395A as a standard.

    The document does not say clearly if the software in the device is ready to communicate with Siemens VDO actuators or if an update is required. There is probably more info in the documentation of the device or the accessory set.

  • is 5900 117 7004 available?


    Do you show anything on this part number 5900 117 7004

    5900 117 7004 is from the early days of Commercial Vehicle VTG development.

    These were supplied by BorgWarner for early Mack sample units.


    The 5900 117 7004 Pressure Regulator valve was not supplied by BorgWarner for the production release of the Mack VTG turbos.

    Bosch Rexroth is the Manufacturer.

    I am sorry but we have nothing available for this.

    I have talked to customers who have purchased this from Mack.


  • Non wastegated version of 178077


    I have a customer who is looking for a non wastegated version of part number 178077.

    179580 is the same as a 178077 only with a non wastegated turbine housing.

  • High performance/upgrade for 178105


    Can we offer a high performance/upgrade for 178105?

    The 178063 has a higher HP rating.

    The compressor inlet and outlet connections are different but the turbine and bearing housing connections are the same on part number 178063 as on the 178105.

    The customer would have to be willing to make the connection changes.

    178105 uses CW part # 194009  71.1mm inducer

    178063 uses CW part # 169413  75.3mm inducer

    178063 should be good for an additional 75 to 100 HP.

    178063 has a larger turbine A/R so it will spool slower. 

    178063 has a 1.72 A/R

    178105 has a 1.58 A/R

    Both these turbos use the same bearing housing and shaft and wheel so if the customer already has the 1.58 turbine housing it will work on the 178063.

  • CAT & Detroit S410SX


    CV big bore S410SX performance Turbos for CAT & Detroit

    Here is a brief description of our S410SX turbos.

    The 1496 988 0000 and 0001 has the same mounting outline as the 175963 in the 171698 turbine housing.

    It will bolt right onto a 3406B or 3406C engine. The attached sheet shows some of the OE style numbers these can replace.

    Here is a description of the 1496 part numbers.  All these turbos have Forged milled compressor weels and 360 degree thrust bearings.


  • oil inlet line size


    What size oil inlet line should feed the SX performance turbos?

    We recommend a -4 AN line with no restriction.

  • oil pressure


    How low can the oil pressure run and not hurt the turbo?

    This is the recommendations we make:

    This is taken from the official specification:

    When starting an engine under cold ambient conditions, the oil pressure should reach 0,5 bar on the turbocharger inlet after maxi-mum 4 seconds.

    Do not load the engine before the above listed minimum oil pressures (1.5 to 2.0 bar ) are present.

  • Overhaul kit for 179260


    Part number 179260 does not list an overhaul kit. Is there one that will work for it?

    Overhaul kit part number 176392 will work but you will also need thrust bearing part number 175305 to accurately complete the overhaul.

    Thrust bearing part number 175305 is available for individual sale.

  • Non-wastegated turbine housing for 175963


    My customer is running a 175963 but he wants a non-wastegated turbine housing for it. What is available?

    There are currently two different A/R housings that will fit.

    171698 1.32 A/R and a 14961016100 1.58 A/R.


    These optional housings also work on turbo part numbers:




    1496 988 0000

    1496 988 0001

    1496 988 0002

    1496 988 0003

    1496 988 0004

    1496 988 0005

  • Turbo with smaller turbine A/R than 178062 / 199086.


    My customer is running a 178062 but is complaining of slow boost response. Is there a turbo with a smaller turbine housing that will work?

    Your customer can use turbo part number 178130 which has a 1.25 A/R. 178062 has a 1.41 A/R.

    The turbine housings are not interchangeable as the shaft and wheel contours are different.

    The compressor wheel, compressor cover, and bearing housings are all the same between the 178130 and the 178062

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Installation by a qualified specialist

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