40SI High Output Alternator (240, 275 and 300 amps)

As you’ve worked with customers who own or operate heavy duty vehicles like buses, work trucks or line haul tractors or trucks, you’ve likely been asked, at some point, about the benefits of the Delco Remy 40SITM alternator over others: “Do I really need it? Is it all that different? Why should I use it?”

But once your customers understand the numerous advantages the 40SI offers, the question they’ll be asking is: “Why would I use anything else?”

In a time of tighter budgets, up-and-down fuel costs and the need to stretch resources further, the 40SI gives your customers the most bang for their buck—and then some!

The 40SI was designed for high output, high efficiency and long life, from the brushless design to Remote Sense technology to its high temperature ratings. To find out if the 40SI makes the best business sense for your customer, ask:

1.  Do you replace alternators too often?
If they answer yes, that’s likely because the alternators they’ve been using have “brushes.” The 40SI is a brushless model that dramatically increases both the durability and the life of the alternator. In fact, studies have shown that brushless models last three to five times longer than brush models!

How it works: 
Brushless technology transfers magnetic fields between the field and rotor air-gap, eliminating the need for brushes. Without brushes, there are 13 fewer moving parts—and 13 fewer components that wear out. A brushless model significantly extends the life of the alternator.

2.  Do you have battery problems? Do you replace batteries frequently?
Since one of an alternator’s most important jobs is to recharge the batteries, alternators must work especially well to power buses, trucks and other heavy duty applications. Just because the alternator is charging at 14 volts doesn’t mean that the batteries are receiving 14 volts. That’s why the 40SI comes standard with a Remote Sense terminal. When connected, the Remote Sense compensates for voltage drop, overcomes system losses and has been proven to improve battery charge time by more than 50 percent!

How it works: 
A Remote Sense wire reads the actual voltage at the battery and signals the alternator to boost its output to compensate for voltage drop. Research has shown that an increase of just 1/2 volt, when needed, can cut the battery charge time in half.

3.  Is your application performing to the level you need?
Utilizing innovative technology from our hybrid electric motors, the stator design in the 40SI provides the highest efficiency rating in its class—helping your customers save on fuel costs and improve their bottom line. (See article on the fuel efficiency of Delco Remy alternators

Where it works:
The 40SI is perfectly suited to provide a fuel cost savings to the following applications:
•  School Buses
•  Shuttle Buses
•  Emergency Vehicles
•  Refuse Trucks
•  Utility Work Trucks
•  RVs
•  Line Haul Vehicles with Anti-Idling Systems

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