Customer Profile: Maverick Transportation


Interview with Delco Remy Customer Michael Jeffress, Vice President of Maintenance for Maverick Transportation. 

As one of the nation’s largest open equipment fleets, Maverick Transportation provides truckload transportation solutions for raw material manufacturing customers such as Georgia-Pacific, Guardian Industries, PPG Industries and North American Stainless.

With flatbed, single drop, double drop, removable goose neck, multi-axle, temperature controlled vans, dry vans and pneumatic equipment, Maverick helps its customers haul materials to processing plants across the United States where their final products are developed.

“Our fleet helps us provide a valuable service. If there is a maintenance failure, it impacts our customers,” says Michael Jeffress, Vice President of Maintenance. “It’s important for us to align with partners that share our same values in terms of offering the highest quality, longest-lasting product.”

That’s why Maverick has used Delco Remy products for decades. And today, a Delco Remy 40SI alternator is the only alternator on their Asset Technology bid request for any new equipment order.

“Our electrical power units require larger batteries, and the 40SI meets those requirements,” Jeffress explains. “Because we know Delco Remy products are durable and reliable, we didn’t hesitate to use that model for our fleet.”

Quality that matters
In his 24 years with Maverick, Jeffress has certainly used other brands in his fleet. Not with the same results, though. He says they saw more failures with these products—failures that took trucks off the road and away from providing customer solutions.

“All we sell is a service. Our service is transportation so we spec and use high-quality products in our fleet. They must be durable from day one,” Jeffress says. “With Remy, we know the products will run virtually maintenance-free. That’s what it’s about, and up time is everything out there.”

In addition to the reliability of Delco Remy products, customers like Maverick appreciate our customer service approach.

“The people at Remy are very outgoing in getting opinions on the product lines they are working on,” Jeffress shares. “We have a great relationship with them because they listen to our operational needs and proactively come to us to solve issues. We really value that.”

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