Save on Fuel Costs

With the right alternator, your customers can save upwards of 20 percent on fuel costs associated with generating electrical power. Sound impossible? It’s not. In fact, it’s quite achievable.

As you know, electrical power on a heavy duty vehicle is generated as a direct result of consuming fuel within the engine to drive the alternator. With your typical engine efficiency of 40 percent, average belt efficiency of 98 percent, and alternator efficiency of 55 percent, your customers can only achieve an overall energy conversion of 21 percent. With fuel costs around $3 per gallon, the electrical power cost equates to an amount that is roughly three times higher than the typical household utility rate.


That puts the squeeze on your customers’ operating budgets, particularly when you factor in that the average electrical load on heavy duty trucks and vehicles are only continuing to increase (and fuel costs are often unpredictable for long-term planning and budgeting).

Suddenly, electrical power generation is a real concern especially for your fleet owner customers who have to absorb that cost multiplied by the size of their fleet.

High efficiency alternators lower fuel costs.
However, you can help your customers cut your electrical power – and, thus, cut your fuel costs – simply by improving alternator efficiency. High efficiency alternators, such as the Delco Remy 28SI, 36SI and 40SI, translate to less engine horsepower requirements and lower fuel costs. All three operate with industry-high efficiency ratings from 68 to 70 percent—significantly higher than typical alternator efficiencies of 54-60 percent.

When you apply that difference to the real-world operation of line haul tractors, city tractors and school buses, there’s the potential to save as much as 20 percent in fuel costs. The table below represents fuel cost savings over a typical life cycle when alternator efficiency is increased to the level of the Delco Remy alternator.
Application Average
Fuel Cost with
Base Efficiency
Fuel Cost with a 20%
Improvement in Efficiency
Fuel Savings with
Higher Efficiency
Line Haul Tractor 84 amps $3401/500k mi $2834/500kmi $567/500k mi
City Tractor 40 amps $1676/350k mi $1397/350k mi $279/350k mi
School Bus 102 amps $6780/250k mi $5650/250k mi $1130/250k mi
*Fuel costs based on $3/gallon

“The savings generated by more efficient alternators more than pays for the cost of the alternator—and then some,” shares Mike Bradfield, staff engineer and author of 
Improving Alternator Efficiency Measurably Reduces Fuel Costs.

Bradfield says the stator is typically the main source of energy loss – and consequently, fuel consumption – in the alternator. Delco Remy’s innovative hairpin stator design solves that problem with its efficient use of winding space that reduces that energy loss and associated fuel consumption.

Your customers are keeping a close eye on the bottom line. You can contribute to their savings by recommending an efficient Delco Remy alternator for their commercial application. It will more than pay for itself in less than one year. And, over the life of the vehicle, these savings can add up to thousands of dollars. Now that’s value added savings your customers can appreciate.

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