28SI Alternator

With millions of children (and their parents) relying on transportation to 
and from school, it’s imperative that each district’s bus fleet is always ready 
to run. The same is true for city or municipal snowplow trucks or any other 
utility truck that performs a daily job that others count on.

If you manage or service school buses, utility vehicles, heavy duty trucks or 
other vehicles that have to contend with heavy electrical loads as part of 
their daily operating routine, then you know that reliability and durability 
matter—and the Delco Remy 28SI High Output Alternator is the most ideal 
product on the market to provide the reliability needed for such heavy duty 

Some of the 28SI’s unique features include:

• Duel internal fans: With a fan in the front and another in the back, 
dual internal fans provide greater circulation over the alternator’s 
electronics. As a result, the alternator runs at dramatically lower 
temperatures and, most importantly, improves the operating 
efficiency and durability of the unit. With under-hood temperatures 
reaching as high as 125 ºC (257 ºF), the 28SI is designed for today’s 

• Versatility: With output ranges of 160, 180 and 200 amps–as well as 
three different industry mounting styles–the 28SI meets the demands 
of multiple heavy duty applications that require extra power for 
today’s needs.

28SIPAD-Mount  28SIHINGE-Mount

• Remote Sense: Highly accurate voltage readings optimize battery 
state-of-charge and result in improved efficiency and longer overall 
battery life. (Read related article)

• Warranty: The 28SI has proven to be remarkably durable. To show our 
confidence, we back it up with a two-year, unlimited-mile warranty 
for school buses and a one-year, unlimited-mile warranty for all other 

A return on your investment
An efficient alternator can more than pay for itself in less than one year. Over the life of the vehicle, these savings can reach into the thousands of dollars.

• Here’s why: As the alternator more efficiently converts mechanical power into electrical power, less fuel is consumed. And even though the power demands of the alternator are generally small in comparison to the overall vehicle, the impact on fuel cost is remarkable.

• Proven results: Operating data was collected on school bus applications in order to identify what was actually occurring over the course of the school week and the impact it had on the electrical system. Compared to other standard industry models, Delco Remy high output alternators showed fuel cost savings of $1507*/ 250k mi, or 20 percent.
* Based on $4/gal diesel fuel cost

Did you know?
The Delco Remy 28SI is standard on Freightliner Cascadia and M2 trucks and Thomas Built school buses.

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