Brushless Advantage: Say Goodbye to the Brush

Say goodbye to the brush (and countless repair headaches) and hello to the Delco Remy brushless alternator. With fewer moving parts, there is less wear and tear on the alternator—giving you a lot more advantages, especially the durability and reliability you count on to run your business well.


Traditional alternators pull air through, from the back to the front, in order to cool the internal electronics. When this happens, dust is introduced into the alternator. Over time, the dust hangs on the brushes and causes early failure. The Delco Remy brushless alternator eliminates this problem.
Plus without brushes, there are 13 fewer moving parts … 13 fewer components to wear out … 13 fewer parts to repair or replace … and, most importantly, 13 fewer reasons that could cause your fleet to have unwanted downtime. With our brushless technology, we transfer electrical current between the rotor and stator air-gap instead. All major internal components that carry current, such as a field coil, regulator, bridge, connectors and stator, are stationary components and more resistant to vibration and debris as well.
“With highway trucks that drive 100,000+ miles each year, the alternator is running constantly,” says Tim Barnes, Delco Remy Product Manager. “That’s a lot of opportunity for wear, vibration or contamination on the brushes. Companies cannot afford downtime or durability issues—their whole profit model is based on them having trucks that are able to deliver on time.”
Brushless alternators deliver ROI
The brushless design increases the durability, reliability and life of the alternator. And perhaps best of all, it provides both direct and indirect returns on your investment:
• Direct: Lifecycle extended as much as three to five times longer than traditional brush models
➔ Translation: More for your money
• Indirect: Fewer repair expenses and decreased risk of down time
➔ Translation: Cost savings and more profit opportunities
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