Tech Tip: 5 Easy Steps to Rotate Your Drive Housing

When replacing a starter, it may be necessary to rotate the drive housing to match the solenoid position of the original starting motor.
Before you begin, make sure the solenoid position is horizontal or above horizontal when mounted to the engine.
Next, follow these steps:

  1. Step One: Separate the drive housing from the lever housing by removing recessed allen head bolts located on the starting motor mounting surface.
  2. Step Two: Position the drive housing to match the position of the original starting motor as closely as possible. (Note: Position of the original starting motor can be obtained from original to replacement model cross reference.)
  3. Step Three: Rotate the drive housing every 30° (12 position) or 15° (24 position) with respect to the level housing.
  4. Step Four: When properly positioned, reattach drive housing and tighten allen head bolts to 13-17 foot pounds torque.
  5. Step Five: Replace rubber plugs (if removed) on 24 position starting motors.
Reminder about 24 position starting motors: 
After rotating the drive housing on 24 position starting motors and ensuring an allen head bolt is in the hole closest to the starting motor mounting bolt hole, it is necessary to use 12 point head mounting bolts.

Additional tips:
• To view a starting motor from the drive end solenoid switch position, use the motor mounting hold opposite the flywheel opening as the beginning or 0° reference point.
• Rotate the drive housing counter-clockwise to increase solenoid switch position degrees.

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