39MT Heavy Duty Starter: Made for Almost Any Application

With its lightweight planetary gear design and high torque, Delco Remy’s 39MT™ heavy duty starter packs a lot of power in a small package. Even better, available in both 12 and 24 volts, it is made for almost any heavy duty truck, off-highway vehicle or transit bus—giving you one product that meets the needs of the majority of your customers.

    The 39MT offers several benefits:
    • Electrical soft start rotates the pinion for proper ring gear engagement before   
      cranking, minimizing tooth abutment-related damage
    • Sealed solid link solenoid eliminates contact welding in low system voltage 
      situations, providing enhanced reliability
    • Sealed noseless configuration minimizes debris accumulation and contamination, 
      reducing maintenance expense

Want to learn more about the 39MT? Visit the 39 MT product page


The rotatable flange model is designed to improve service flexibility and part
number consolidation

    39MT Specifications:br /> • Engine Type/Size: Diesel up to 15 L / 915 cu in (12 V), 16 L / 976 cu in (24 V)
    • System Voltage: 12 or 24 Volts
    • Output: 7.3 or 9.0kW
    • Weight: 30.8 lbs (14 kg)
    • Optional Over Crank Protection (OCP): Prevents over cranking thermal damage,  
      circuit breaker automatically resets after cooling


Reduce inventory and costs: 39MT All Makes Program
Tired of dealing with a starter inventory of 10 or more part numbers? How about the costs of maintaining such varied stock? We can eliminate that hassle—and still give you the flexibility you need to service all of your customers’ starter Needs.

    The 39MT All Makes Program covers the vast majority of engines. That means you consolidate your starter inventory to just three part numbers. And the advantages are plenty:
    • Less cash tied up in inventory
    • Greater ability to meet your customers’ starter needs
    • Fewer part numbers to manage

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