We've Got You Covered!

While the majority of your customers’ fleets are heavy duty vehicles, it’s likely some have step vans, pickup trucks or other light duty delivery or service vehicles as part of their lineup as well.

And, now, with our new Light Duty Commercial Vehicle Program, we help you provide complete coverage—for the entire fleet!


Complete Fleet Coverage - One Source

Whether you have a municipality with snow plows and dump trucks, along with service and maintenance pickup trucks… or a school district with a fleet of buses, also with a handful of step vans… or another fleet operation combining both heavy duty and light duty vehicles, Remy provides a one-stop commercial vehicle solution for all of your customers’ rotating electrics needs.

From our full-line program, we’ve identified more than 225 part numbers for light duty commercial vehicles. With one point of contact for the entire fleet, we offer whole line coverage—and a whole lot of convenience. And you and your customers will still receive the quality products and technical support you’ve come to count on from Remy.

Download the Remy Light Duty Commercial Vehicle Catalog at

Target applications include:
• Sprinter
• Ford
• Chevrolet
• Dodge

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