Tech Tip: Remote Sense Jumper Lead Installation

The Remote Sense jumper lead is only for use with the 34SI, 35SI and 36SI alternators that are equipped with the Remote Sense feature but don’t have a Remote Sense wire connected from the vehicle. Under certain normal vehicle operating conditions, some vehicles may have a higher than desirable voltage at the battery terminals. Proper installation of the Remote Sense jumper lead can help reduce voltage to the desired range.
Notice: Remote Sense jumper lead must be removed when alternator is installed with Remote Sense connection to vehicle.
WARNING: To avoid injury or damage, always disconnect the negative cable at the battery before removing or replacing the Alternator.
To install:

1) Remove the alternator battery and Remote Sense terminals hardware. When removing or installing alternator hardware, hold the bottom jam nut with a wrench to prevent loosening the terminals from the alternator.

2) Place jumper lead eyelets over the battery and Remote Sense terminals.
  • Place lead with eyelet crimps up.
  • Route lead as shown in graphic above.
    3) Replace hardware on Remote Sense terminals finger tight.
    4) Lift jumper lead off the battery terminal.
    5) Install vehicle battery cable first.
    6) Install jumper lead to b+ terminal on top of vehicle cable and reinstall battery terminal Hardware.
    7) Hold the Remote Sense lead in place and torque the battery and Remote Sense terminal nuts to specifications.
      • Recommended battery terminal torque: 6.2-6.9 Nm (55-70 lb in)
      • Recommended Remote Sense terminal torque: 1.7-2.8 Nm (15-25 lb in)
    8) Reconnect the negative (-) cable at the battery.

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