Alternators for Every Need

Sometimes good is truly good enough. Other times you need something better. And sometimes, you just need the best there is on the market.

Because today’s heavy duty vehicles are built with varying degrees of electrical demand, distributors and fleet operators have a range of needs when it comes to alternators. Whether you need a good, better or best possible option, Remy has you covered—with both brush style and brushless Alternators.
2012 alternator medal winners
In the spirit of the 2012 Olympics, Delco Remy Connect is highlighting the range of Delco Remy alternator options and how they “medal” in a side-by-side competition. Remy’s own Craven Mabrey, Senior Regional Sales & National Accounts Manager, served as judge and commentator.
Brush style Alternators 
Brush is typically chosen for a heavy duty vehicle as the standard option. Yet, even within the standard, there are good, better and best Options.
Silver Medalist: 24SI™
12 Volt Output: 160 Amps
Judge's Notes
A truck built after 2006 has more electrical components drawing on it, increasing the level of heat in the engine. Mabrey says the 24SI’s dual internal fans are quite adept at making sure the alternator doesn’t get overheated. “The dual internal fans are truly innovative—two fans moving inside to maximize air flow, both cooling and cleaning all in one process,” he explains.
Gold Medalist: 28SI™
12 Volt Output: 160, 180, 200 Amps
Judge's Notes
What makes the 28SI a true champion among its peers is that it offers not only the dual internal fans, but much higher output capabilities, up to 200 amps. It also boasts the Remote Sense feature. This model is the ideal alternator for school bus applications, Mabrey says.
Bronze Medalist: 22SI™
12 Volt Output: 150 Amps
Judge's Notes
“The 22SI is a good option for a standard brush style alternator,” Mabrey says. “With its exterior fan cooling unit, it can accommodate different temperature ranges found in older trucks built prior to 2006 because these trucks have fewer parasitic loads, and the heat generated inside the engine department is much lower.”
Brushless Alternators
Whereas the brush style is often a standard option alternator, Remy’s brushless model – with less moving parts – is considered the premium option. And, just like the brush style, there are good, better and best Options.
Silver Medalist: 36SI™
12 Volt Output: 170 Amps
Judge's Notes
“If you have a heavy duty vehicle that has more of an electrical load – or if you’re starting and stopping a lot – you may need something a step up from the baseline brushless alternator,” Mabrey says. “And that’s the 36SI – also equipped with Remote Sense. It can supply more amps during idle and has a range well within what you need on the road.”
Gold Medalist: 40SI™
12 Volt Output: 240, 275, 300 Amps
Judge's Notes
“In a time of tighter budgets, up-and-down fuels costs and the need to stretch resources further, the 40SI gives fleet owners the most bang for their buck,” Mabrey says. “The alternator is a great alternative for fleets that have to replace alternators and/or batteries all too frequently, or find themselves frustrated that the truck is not performing to the level they’d like.”
Bronze Medalist: 35SI™
12 Volt Output: 140 Amps
Judge's Notes
“If you have a vehicle with minimal electrical loads, the 35SI does a great job of meeting all the needs,” Mabrey says. “Plus, it has the Remote Sense option, which is a nice added feature.”
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