36SI™: Trouble-Free Reputation

36SI™ is the most dependable alternator available for severe use applications.

“From the time I started selling it, it’s been trouble-free,” says Brilly, the Northeast Regional Manager.” I know when I bring it to a customer, I’m bringing a product that I’d stake my reputation on.”



Brilly shares this example:

Several years ago, a large city sanitation department conducted an internal study on alternator failures. What they found surprised them: 80 percent of the fleet’s alternator failures were brush-related, despite the fact that the fleet was using high quality brush type alternators.

“Brush style alternators inherently have greater potential for failure,” Brilly explains. “A brush type alternator has 13 more moving parts than a brushless alternator—that’s 13 possible failure points.”


That’s a real problem for refuse trucks. The high engine heat and vibration from the truck – which spends its days running 10 mph and starting and stopping approximately every 20 feet, with minimal air flow for cooling – can really push  an alternator to the Limit.

Realizing they could have a much stronger performance with a brushless alternator, the sanitation department converted the fleet to brushless alternators – specifically the 36SI – and has been using it for many trouble-free years now.

Remote sense

Brilly says his 36SI customers – which include other heavy duty truck applications such as trucks with lift gates, line haul tractors, delivery trucks, large tractors and even RVs – also benefit from the Remote Sense.

“The Remote Sense option helps keep the batteries in an evenly charged condition and cuts recharge time in half,” says Brilly. “Changing the sense point from the rotor in the alternator to sensing at the battery increases the battery service life on the vehicle.”

Added bonus: Fuel Efficiency

As an extra bonus, the 36SI operates at 68 percent efficiency. With a fleet like the one for the sanitation department, that translates into hundreds of dollars of savings a year – per truck – when compared to brush type alternators. But this bonus is not reserved for utility trucks alone.

“Dependability is everything to a fleet owner,” says Brilly. “And the 36SI provides that.”


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