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When your customers need to get across the country fast, they need equipment they can count on. And when it comes to starters and alternators, Delco Remy’s products have long been trusted for the quality, durability, service and warranty that come with them.

Now, distributors and dealers can offer customers that same high value through our new Remy Refrigeration Program. 

The program expands our product line and expertise to transport refrigeration units. These units are a critical transportation component for fleets that carry food, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and other temperature-dependent goods. In fact, the reliability and integrity of such products depends entirely on the unit being fully functional—and alternators and starters are a key part of that.

“Just like trucks, these refrigeration trailer units cannot afford to be down. They are critical to transporting specialized products and goods,” says Tim Barnes, Delco Remy Product Manager. “We have the product availability and the means to get it where it needs to be in a timely manner, ensuring the unit is back up and running as quickly as possible.”


With this new program, you can offer your customers aftermarket starters and alternators for nearly any ThermoKing and Carrier refrigeration unit models. This expanded offering is a win for both you and your customers, for more than a few reasons (below).


“This program was designed – by customer request – to expand our product coverage. Now, all our authorized Delco Remy dealers and distributors can provide the entire Remy light duty offering as well as this new program,” says Barnes. "The Refrigeration Program is packed full of advantages—all backed by the Remy reputation for quality.” 

To learn more about the new Remy Refrigeration Program, you can:

• Contact your Delco Remy sales representative
• View the new refrigeration catalog at
• Search for a part number online using our Online Cross Reference Tool

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