High Efficiency Alternators = Lower Fuel Costs

You’ve likely heard that higher efficiency alternators can lead to cost savings. But how much? And is it really worth it?

“Power is not free,” says Mike Bradfield, Sr. Staff Engineer. “The fuel usage related to alternators is meaningful and savings can be significant, particularly the more trucks you own or operate.”
Bradfield, who authored the ”Improving Alternator Efficiency Measurably Reduces Fuel” white paper, says there is no question that increasing alternator efficiency will measurably reduce fuel costs.
“We all know it takes fuel to turn your alternator,” he says. “The more efficient the alternator, the less engine horsepower is required—and that translates into a fuel savings of hundreds of dollars per truck, per year.”
To prove this, a team at Remy collected real-time operating electrical system data for a line haul tractor, city tractor and school bus as a basis for fuel usage estimates.Calculations show that a typical long haul fleet equipped with Delco Remy high-efficiency alternators with brushless durability, like the 36SI™ or 40SI™, can save as much as 28 percent in fuel costs compared to a standard brush-style competitive model.

“What we found is that a more efficient alternator will more than pay for itself through annual fuel savings,” Bradfield explains. “Fuel costs burden fleets more than ever before. This is a tangible way to minimize the impact on the bottom line.”

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