Higher Output Ratings Announced for 40SI and 55SI

Things just moved up a notch—and it’s good news for truck owners and operators.

Remy recently announced higher output ratings for two of its leading brushless alternators: the 40SI and 55SI. The 40SI (12-volt) family now includes a new 320 amp unit, along with the existing 240, 275 and 300 amp models. The 55SI (12-volt) has a new 430 amps alternator, providing the highest output per pound performance in the market today.


“Both the 40SI and the 55SI alternators are at the top of their classes in output performance and efficiency,” says Randy Andis, Director of Aftermarket Operations. “Combined with their other innovative features, including the brushless design and the remote sense, they provide an unbeatable performance as they take on the demanding electrical loads of today’s heavy duty vehicles.”

The new ratings are particularly good news for the following applications:

  • All medium and heavy trucks with large electrical requirements and multiple batteries
  • Trucks with electrical anti-idling systems  as well as auxiliary power unit (APU) systems
  • School buses
  • Fire trucks




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