Chill Out! We've Got You Covered

AlternatorPackagingRemy continues to expand our product coverage to meet the multi-faceted needs of fleets today.

Remy Transport Refrigeration Program: It’s been nearly a year since we introduced our starters and alternators for customers with transport refrigeration units. The program includes 32 part numbers, covering nearly all Thermo King and Carrier refrigeration unit models.

StarterPackagingNEW! Remy Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) Program:We’ve also expanded coverage to include starters and alternators for auxiliary power units. Our nine-part numbers cover virtually all Thermo King, Carrier and Rigmaster units.

The APU starters and alternators will be available in January 2014.


All starters and alternators are new service models—with each one put through Remy’s intense engineering testing. Plus we guarantee shipping in 48 hours or less,* making it easier than ever for you to meet customer demands. 

*U.S. and Canada shipping time to dealers and distributors

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