E-Catalog Enhancements Make Tool Easy and Efficient

Our enhanced e-catalog is making your job easier than ever! Just ask Dan Kelly, a purchasing manager with Cincinnati-based George J. Hust Company.

Dan, who uses the tool two to three times a day, considers the e-catalog a great problem-solver.

“The e-catalog does a good job of cross-referencing,” he says. “Whether it’s an obsolete item and I need to find something to work in its place, or I have a number on a unit and I need to cross-reference it to a product.”

Now, the e-catalog offers four ways to search:
  • By Part Number: Cross-reference more than 127,000 Delco Remy, Remy and competitor part numbers.
  • By Application: Look up light duty applications by year/make/model (Commercial truck/off-highway vehicles coming soon.).
  • By Family: Select model family and filter attributes to find part numbers with similar Features.
  • NEW: By Service Parts: Search starter or alternator service parts by product Family.
The family search function, Dan says, is a great enhancement. “If I have a starter on the counter, for example, and I know the family and voltage but the tag is missing, I can identify it by other characteristics.”

Expanded Features 
In addition to expanded search options, the updated Remy e-catalog has new features, such as:
  • State-of-the-art exploded view drawings that detail exactly which components are contained inside each service package.
  • Heavy duty and non-automotive applications, including trailer refrigeration vehicles, snowmobiles and all-terrain vehicles. (Commercial truck/off-highway vehicle applications will be added later this year.)
  • “All Years” functionality to make the Application Search tab more user-friendly when the year of a vehicle is unknown.
  • Special service notes to make product installation easier.
Janice Lynn, with Power Brake and Spring Service (PBS), likes all the improvements. The PBS Service team uses the Remy e-catalog quite a bit — especially at the service counter.

“It definitely works a lot better than it did a couple years ago,” Janice says. “Now, it’s even more informative. The search results break it down easily with service parts and all the available options.”

She says the e-catalog is now both easy to use and efficient. “The e-catalog makes the whole process so much faster and it gives many more options.”

She also appreciates all the information at her fingertips, including:
  • Links to Delco Remy product literature.
  • Service parts lists and installation instructions.
  • Product feature highlights linked to Remy’s engineering book.
To use the e-catalog, visit and click the “E-Catalog” button on the left side of the home page.

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