Introducing the Delco Remy 38SI High Output Alternator

38SI-ProductStrong Output, Advanced Features 

Our customers spoke, and we responded. You told us you needed an alternator with “middle ground” amperage plus all the best features of Delco Remy high output brushless alternators. We delivered just that with the 38SI.

“With 215 amps, the 38SI provides our OE and fleet customers with an option between the 36SI™ and 40SI™,” says Daniel Boros, Director of HD Truck, Bus and Export. 

38SI-side-by-sideThe power demand on trucks has increased in recent years with expanding electrical systems and multiple batteries—driving the need for greater amperage.
Outperforms the Competition In addition to providing the necessary power at road
speed, the 38SI is a strong performer at low engine rpm, helping to conserve battery life. The 38SI outperforms the competition on every aspect: output, efficiency, size, temperature and more.

The 38SI also features:
  • Remote Sense that can reduce battery charge time by 50 percent
  • Unique stator design with best-in-class high efficiency. This translates to less engine horsepower requirements and substantial fuel savings
The Brushless Advantage
The 38SI is a premium brushless design. With 13 fewer moving parts, the brushless design provides added durability and life. With our brushless technology, we transfer magnetic fields between the field and rotor air-gap, completely eliminating the need for brushes. The brushless design provides many advantages, including:
  • Extended life cycle by as much as three to five times longer than traditional brush models
  • Fewer repair expenses
  • Decreased risk of down time
To learn more visit our 38SI product page.

Visit our Fuel Economy Calculator to calculate your savings when you install a 38SI.


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