Complete Coverage for School Bus Market

BUS-ANGLED-WINDOWSReliability and fuel savings mean everything in today’s school bus market. Buses need to last longer while not draining a district’s shrinking budget. Delco Remy starters and alternators are designed to last longer, minimize downtime and keep buses running smoothly as they transport children every day.

Alternators for Bus Applications

A school bus performs the majority of its workday at slow speeds. At the same time, lighting and equipment associated with safety and passenger mobility add electrical loads that must be met at these same slow speeds. Our high output alternators—designed for the bus market—are able to contend with the demanding electrical loads of school bus operating routines.

“All of our alternators for this market boast a compact size, durability and innovative technology, making them highly reliable and efficient,” says Brian Thompson, national fleet manager.

The Delco Remy 40SI and 28SI alternators offer:
  • Remote Sense, which can reduce battery charge time by 50 percent. Read more about the Remote Sense on page 4.
  • A temperature-resistant design that allows it to endure extreme temperatures and provide a long life. Both models can withstand extreme underhood temperature demands of up to 257°F—that’s over 25°F above the competition—and still keep running.
  • High efficiency. As the alternator becomes more efficient in the process of converting mechanical power into electrical power, less fuel is consumed.

With two different alternator options, we cover every school bus application.


“Districts in warmer parts of the country tend to prefer the 40SI because of the demands the air conditioning units place on the bus. Buses equipped with wheelchair lifts are also often specified with the 40SI because of its ability to handle higher output,” Thompson says.

Starters for Bus Applications

You can be assured of a clean start every time with a Delco Remy starter. Our starters are equipped with the electrical soft-start engagement system. Plus, their lightweight design ensures you get the power you need for an industry-leading performance.


Quality Product + Field Support 

Remy offers school bus fleets the best products in the market—along with support you’ve come to know and trust. In addition to our customer service support at 800-372-0222, we have a team of regional sales and service managers who are available to provide field support

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