Tech Tip: Pulley Installation on Delco Remy 24SI or 28SI

Proper installation of the pulley on a Delco Remy 24SI and 28SI ensures that the product will perform as promised. Unfortunately, damaged products are returned to Remy as a result of improper pulley installation.

Follow the steps below to correctly install the pulley on a 24SI or 28SI:


Step One

Set the alternator in the horizontal position on a flat surface.If the pulley is installed when the alternator is in the upright or vertical position, the pulley may not be fully seated. This will result in a loose stack-up and early alternator failure.

Step Two

Remove the pulley nut and cardboard spacer, and then discard cardboard spacer.Pay special attention to the orientation of the bearing slinger and spacer washer. These items commonly slide off the rotor shaft during removal of the pulley nut and cardboard tub.

Step Three

Before installing the pulley, make sure that the spacer washer is placed against the bearing and then the slinger is placed against the spacer washer.Failure to place these in the correct order will result in rotor lock-up and early alternator failure.

Step Four

Slide the pulley in place by hand.Never use a hammer to force the pulley on shaft. This could result in pulley or bearing damage.

Step Five

Take the pulley nut that was removed in Step 2 and use it to hand-tighten against the pulley.Never start the pulley nut with an impact wrench. This could result in pulley or bearing damage.

Step Six

There are two different methods to tighten the pulley nut.

#1: Using pass-through socket 15/16, secure the pulley nut so it doesn’t move. Using a torque wrench with a 5/16 hex head socket placed in the hexagonal hole at the end of the rotor shaft, tighten the rotor shaft counterclockwise to 95-108 N-m (70-80 lb. ft.).
 PulleyInstallation-Step_Sixb #2: Hold the shaft by placing a 5/16 hex wrench in the hexagonal hole at the end of the rotor shaft. Use a clicktype torque wrench with an open-ended 15/16 wrench attached. Tighten the pulley nut to 95-108 N-m (70-80 lb. ft.).

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