40SI Online Video Library

Visit the BorgWarner YouTube page for our library of 40SI product videos. 

40SI Alternator – Performance Curve

Learn how the 40SI is at the top of the class in output performance and Efficiency.

40SI Alternator – Unique Stator Design

Find out how the patented design of Remy’s hairpin stator technology provides high power output and delivers maximum torque.

Learn how the Delco Remy brushless alternator design dramatically increases both the durability and the life of the alternator.

Discover why maintaining fully charged truck batteries is not an issue for Delco Remy alternators equipped with Remote Sense technology.

Hear how the 40SI’s temperature rating
surpasses the competition.

Learn about the digital regulator in the 40SI which features advanced detection of faults, including fail-safe, overvoltage, undervoltage, fail-soft and open field.

Bearing Design

Find out ho the bearing design of the 40SI improves durability and life cycle.

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