Delco Remy 40SI: A Better Choice

40SI-pad-mountMore fleets are operating trucks with increased electrical loads. That shift has driven the need for higher output alternators with larger amperage capacity.

Fleets searching for better fuel mileage, reduced maintenance costs, longer battery life, longer alternator life and fewer expensive jump-starts are changing their truck spec to the Delco Remy 40SI™ alternator. Fleets using electric APU systems are moving away from short life, standard spec, brush-type alternators, opting instead for a more efficient brushless model like the 40SI. The 40SI has the highest output at low speeds of any alternator in its class. This is especially critical when trying to recover to a full state of charge. With its three mounting options and brushless design, the 40SI is a significant upgrade from other high output, brush-type alternators. The 40SI carries a three-year, 350,000-mile warranty*, versus most competitive brush-type alternators that have a one-year, 100,000-mile warranty.

Less horsepower means less fuel used. Fuel-efficient alternators require less engine horsepower to produce electric power. Higher output at lower speed means the batteries will recover their charge quicker and more efficiently, resulting in:
  • Extended battery life
  • Longer alternator life
  • Fewer jump-starts
  • Substantial fuel savings
“We’re seeing more fleets run day cabs with three-battery systems specing the 40SI. These fleets typically use their trucks longer, benefitting from the larger cables and higher output at lower speeds,” says Britt Caple, National Fleet Manager with Remy International. “Most day-cab applications are doing as many as 70 starts per day, and have increasing electrical loads.”

40SI-Performance-CurveAs a result, Caple says more distributors and OE dealers are starting to stock the Delco Remy 40SI 240, 275, 300 and 320 amp units as a direct replacement for any high output, shorter life, brush-type alternators.

“With less maintenance, down time and fuel costs, the 40SI is giving fleet owners significant saving over the life of their trucks,” he says.

*Warranty applicable to U.S. and Canada only.

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