Why Remote Sense?

remote-senseA big challenge fleet managers face is keeping truck batteries charged—particularly with the greater electrical demands on today’s trucks. But maintaining fully charged batteries is not an issue with Delco Remy’s Remote Sense technology.

Remote Sense utilizes a small sense wire that reads the actual voltage at the battery and signals the regulator to increase its voltage output to compensate for the voltage charge loss, ensuring a constant 14 volts at the battery.

Research has shown that an increase of just a half volt, when needed, can cut the battery charge time in half. At the end of the day, it can make the difference between batteries that are fully charged and those that aren't. The additional voltage forces the current into the battery faster, bringing it into a full state of charge in up to half the time.

Remote Sense
  • Increases the life of a battery and boosts its efficiency
  • Reduces battery charge time by up to 50 percent
  • Ensures a constant 14 volts at the battery
  • Decreases warranty claims by 30 percent
  • Ideal for any application that makes frequent stops including, school buses, delivery trucks and trucks with lift gates
  • Available on the 28SI™, 35SI™, 36SI™, 38SI™, 40SI™ and 55SI™

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