Delco Remy Product Webinar on Maximizing Sales

Remy recently hosted Product Benefits & Tools to Help You Sell, a sales support webinar for parts counter sales personnel. Marcos Naby, Heavy Duty OES Sales Manager who has worked for Remy more than 18 years, led the one-hour session.
The goal of the webinar was to provide sales personnel with tangible ways to maximize profits—starting with stocking the right products and part numbers. Naby highlighted Delco Remy’s All Makes Program, which helps distributors ensure they have the right products on the shelf to maximize their inventory turns. Key selling points and recommended stocking numbers were provided for starters such as the 39MT™ and 38MT+™, as well as 24SI™ and 28SI™ alternators. Naby also discussed the advantages of All Makes brushless alternators, including the 36SI™, 38SI™ and 40SI™.
Next, Naby discussed Delco Remy aftermarket programs that can help sales personnel expand their rotating electric sales:
  • 24-volt off-highway starter and alternator program: 25 part numbers cover 120-plus cross references.
  • Transport refrigeration and APU: Starters and alternators for popular Thermal King and Carrier part numbers.
The final part of the presentation covered marketing tools developed specifically to help our partners sell:
The webinar training concluded with a question-and-answer session that included questions about specific products, features and warranties.
Stayed tuned for details on our next webinar: Reducing Customer Frustrations – Denied Warranties Affect Everyone

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