Tech Tip: Using our E-Catalog

Need to quickly cross-reference a part number?  Our E-Catalog allows you to quickly and easily find the product you need. Best of all, the entire cross reference process takes just seconds—from your computer or smartphone—and provides a variety of search options. 

To use the E-Catalog, visit Find a Part.

There are four main ways to search:
• Part number
• Vehicle application
• Product family
• Service parts

When you’re on the search results page, a detail box will appear and display the product attributes, including engineering specifications, replacement part number options, upgrade part number options, application information and any other relevant documentation related to the part number. The page also includes a listing of service parts and exploded view drawings that detail exactly which components are contained inside each service package. 

For a short, step-by-step tutorial in using the E-Catalog, watch our YouTube video. 

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