Online Technician Training Program

onlinetraininginfographicOur heavy duty truck training is sought by fleets from all over the country. Now we’ve made it even easier to access it via our online training program.

Our overview course gives you the knowledge required to perform safe, consistent and efficient troubleshooting for 12 volt starting and charging systems. The course was developed by one of our industry-leading experts in electrical systems, and is comprised of four individual lessons:
  • Electrical System Review (20 minutes)
  • Troubleshooting Process and Your Tools (15 minutes)
  • Solving the Real Charging System Problem (25 minutes)
  • Solving the Real Starting System Problem (35 minutes)

This in-depth course is a must for any technician working with starting and charging systems. We believe it’s such an important industry tool that we’ve made it available free of charge. It provides tips and techniques critical to troubleshooting the electrical system in a heavy duty vehicle.
Because the course is online, you can take it at work or from home—wherever you have Internet access. Plus, it can be completed at a pace that works for you. It automatically saves your progress—even if you’re in the middle of a course—so you can come back to it at any point.
It is ideal for technicians as well as techs-in-training. Participants who score a 70% or higher will receive a certificate indicating they achieved mastery level. 

To register for the online training, visit Technician Training.


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