Thanks for Your Invaluable Years of Service, Pat Brilly!

For many years, for many people, Pat Brilly has been the face of Delco Remy® starters and alternators. Brilly, who retires this month, began with the company in 2000 as the Northeastern Regional Sales and Service Manager. His impact is far-reaching—and far beyond just supporting customers or sales numbers.
“I can honestly say that, outside of my father, no other person has had a greater influence on my professional career than Pat,” says Showky Kaldawy, president, Mondial Automotive, Inc. “From the first day I met Pat, I felt as though I had my own personal guardian looking out for me. From the numerous introductions to the endless volume of ‘Brillyisms,’ he has always been by my side.”
Brilly’s career began in the aftermarket over 50 years ago—1963 to be exact! It’s this type of dedication that makes him loved and highly respected in the heavy duty aftermarket.
“Pat held himself and those around him to a high standard of service and commitment. Even when he had to manage a tough situation, he approached it with professionalism and high integrity,” says Tania Wingfield, Vice President, Product and Manufacturing Strategy.
But to Wingfield, Kaldawy and countless others, Brilly is much more than a mentor or colleague. “It has been a blessing to get to know him throughout my career in heavy duty. He taught me much and also had patience for my many questions,” Wingfield says. “While I have a great deal of respect for Pat’s professional career, I also consider him a friend. He loves life and is such a genuine person.”
Kaldawy agrees: “The true measure of man is marked by what he leaves behind. Pat gave his heart and soul to the heavy duty aftermarket. It is cliché but he has truly bled the Delco Remy® genuine products brand colors for his entire career.” 


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