Smart IMS: Protection Against Potential System Damage

IMS-BoardThe Delco Remy® 39MT™ starter now boasts a new innovative feature that’s simply “smart” and promises to eliminate the frustration customers experience with failures they think are system-related. This will be a simple drop-in replacement for a wide variety of heavy-duty applications.
Introducing the Smart Integral Magnetic Switch (IMS).
Smart IMS technology protects against six of the most common failure modes that arise from system issues. For each failure mode, there is a protection feature in the Smart IMS specifically designed to counter it and prevent the failure from occurring.Smart-IMS-Table

The Smart IMS resulted from our engineering and sales teams delving into system issues and determining there was a way to proactively prevent them.
“We were regularly hearing about failures that weren’t due to faulty starters,” explains Brian Koehlinger, Sales Manager, Aftermarket. “As we understood the issues better, we knew that they could be prevented and wanted to make that prevention automatic. We designed “intelligence” for inside the starter to make sure these common failure modes don’t happen.”
The result was the Smart IMS, which contains failsafe features within the starter to prevent non-starter issues from damaging the starter and, worse, the engine. The Smart IMS senses when something is not in the proper mode and, as a result, doesn’t engage the starter until the issue is resolved, either on its own or from a manual adjustment or repair.
In addition to eliminating the six failure modes, the Smart IMS prevents the costly repair or replacement costs—and denied warranty claims—that often result from these failure modes.
The Smart IMS will eventually be added to other Delco Remy starters.
39MT Rotatable Flange All Makes Rotatable Flange All Makes with Smart IMS
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