Tech Competitions Showcase Knowledge and Expertise

Every year, we sponsor the electrical circuit station at state trucking associations’ technician competitions around the country.

“It’s always exciting to see the best technicians in the country compete and showcase their vast knowledge,” says Rob Steele, Application Engineering Manager.
The tech competitions are part of the company’s broader customer training efforts. On an annual basis, we participate in more than 30 technician competition events around the United States. We also conduct onsite training and offer an online training program. The investment of time and effort is well worth the return.
Tech-Comp-2_“By participating in these events, we’re training the technicians that use our products—we’re helping them learn to properly diagnose and troubleshoot problems,” says Randy Wilson, Technical Support Representative, who coordinates our participation at many state trucking association technician competitions. “We help them think of the overall health oft he entire electrical system, not just the starter and alternator. And, with a broader knowledge, techs are providing longer product life and fewer warranty returns, so it’s a win-win for everyone.”
In addition to training events, our tech support team is available daily for problem-solving and technical issues. You can reach us at 800-372-0222 or via [email protected].

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