Tech Tip: Removing and Replacing Alternators with Remote Sense

Remote sense is a feature on some Delco Remy 33SI™, 34SI™, 35SI™ and 36SI™ alternators. It utilizes a small sense wire that reads the actual battery voltage and signals the regulator to increase voltage output as needed, ensuring constant battery voltage. Alternators without remote sense attempt to regulate off the battery connections on the alternator terminal and cannot ensure the same battery voltage response.

Because of the remote sense feature, you risk damaging the internal resistor and a warranty denial if you don’t follow the exact removal and replacement sequence. Our latest Tech Tip video explains the proper way to remove and replace alternators equipped with remote sense.

To help avoid accidently damaging the resistor, the following steps should be taken when removing an alternator with remote sense.

Tech-Tip-removebatterygroundsSTEP 1 ❱ Remove all battery grounds.
STEP 2 ❱ Remove the alternator ground.
STEP 3 ❱ Locate and remove the remote sense fuse.
STEP 4 ❱ Remove the B+ cable from the alternator positive post.
STEP 5 ❱ Remove the remote sense terminal wire.
STEP 6 ❱ Remove the alternator.

Likewise, use the following steps in proper sequence when installing the alternator with remote sense.

STEP 1 ❱ Mount the alternator.
STEP 2 ❱ Install the remote sense wire.
STEP 3 ❱ Install the remote sense fuse.
STEP 4 ❱ Install the alternator positive cable.
STEP 5 ❱ Install the alternator ground cable.
STEP 6 ❱ Install all grounds.

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