Smart IMS Kit Now Available

Applicable to Every Delco Remy Genuine Starter

Last year, we unveiled the Smart Integral Magnetic Switch (IMS), or Smart IMS.
This innovative feature is eliminating the frustration customers experience with failures they believe are starter-related. Now we have the Smart IMS kit available, which enables it to be applied to any Delco Remy genuine starter.
“The Smart IMS kit is reinvigorating older trucks that don’t have ECU starter controls,” explains Michael Kirk, Senior Staff Engineer. “It works equally well on a Delco Remy 42MT or 40MT starter. It’s also ideal for over-the-road and off-highway applications.”

Easy installation of the kit also makes it attractive. The kit was designed as a drop-in, built-in replacement that only requires one additional connection.

Smart IMS Technology Infographic

Benefits of the Smart IMS

Top Six Failure Modes Smart IMS Protection Feature
Click-no-crank (driver annoyance) Solenoid prolonged power Engagement monitor/Auto-retry
Damaged pinion & ring gear teeth Rapid re-engagement lockout
Improved temperature control Extended engine life
Smooth, soft fan engagement Extended belt and accessory life
Engagement into running engine, damaged pinion & ring gear teeth Running engine lockout
Over crank and solenoid chatter due to low battery state of charge Low voltage lockout
Over crank Time-limited crank
Extended overrun Auto-disengage at engine start

Our Smart IMS infographic animation lists the six smart electronic functions that protect starters against common failure modes from system issues. 

Each Smart IMS kit includes:

  • IMS Assembly
  • 2 Bolts
  • Ground Lead
  • Cable Tie
  • Instruction Sheet

Order the Smart IMS kit today!

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