Efficient Alternators Equal Fuel Savings

There is no question that increasing alternator efficiency will measurably reduce fuel costs. After all, it takes fuel to turn your engine that then turns your alternator.

Studies have shown that the more efficient the alternator, the less engine horsepower that is required. And this translates into a fuel savings of hundreds of dollars per truck, per year. The opposite is true as well—the less efficient the alternator, the greater the horsepower requirement and, consequently, the more you’re paying for fuel. Multiple this by the size of a fleet, and alternator efficiency is either helping your operating budget or greatly hampering it.

Efficiency Horsepower Fuel Savings

Higher Efficiency, Lower Horsepower, Lower Fuel Costs
High efficiency alternators, such as the Delco Remy 38SI™, 40SI™ and 55SI™, translate to less engine horsepower requirements and lower fuel costs. All three operate with industry-high efficiency ratings of more than 70 percent—significantly higher than typical alternator efficiencies of 54 to 60 percent.

A typical long haul fleet equipped with Delco Remy high-efficiency alternators with brushless durability can save as much as 28 percent in fuel costs compared to a standard brush-style competitive model.

Fuel Savings Chart

The Source of Energy Loss
The innovative hairpin stator design of Delco Remy high output alternators solves that problem with its efficient use of winding space that reduces energy loss and associated fuel consumption. 
Help Your Customers Save
With the right alternator, your customers can save upwards of 20 percent on fuel costs associated with generating electrical power. Bottom line: A more efficient alternator will more than pay for itself through annual fuel savings.

Achieving Alternator Efficiency
Watch our alternator efficiency video on our YouTube page to learn why the 40SI is able to deliver fuel savings for truck fleets.

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