Future Focused on Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Technologies

BorgWarner is focused on the future of the commercial vehicle (CV) market—and your success. With a range of technologies for combustion engine, hybrid and electric vehicle applications on the market or in development, we’re providing a broad product portfolio that brings new, clean and energy-efficient solutions to the global trucking industry.

Combustion Hybrid Electric

Solutions for Top Three Challenges
BorgWarner is developing solutions for nearly every propulsion equation an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) is trying to solve. Specifically, we are focused on three primary challenges:

  • Current and future OEM requirements for every form of propulsion
  • Evolving consumer desires and governmental regulations
  • Cost implications of more advanced systems

 The goal, says Dane Carter, Senior Account Manager, is to provide flexible, cost-effective options for propelling hybrid and electric vehicles with individual components or fully-integrated propulsion system solutions. The technologies to do that are in various stages of development.
“Obviously, there’s a mature market for starters, alternators and other internal combustion components,” he says. “But the space for electrification and hybrids is still developing. It’s more intricate with software, new components and new system applications.”
Carter says several hybrid and electric technologies are being used in special engineering products, and others are in low-volume pilots to test various applications. They will be integrated into existing architectures as well as new platforms.

Ahead in Hybrid and Electric Portfolio

BorgWarner has made strides in electrification solutions for the CV market in some significant ways. The HVH Series Electric Motor is a key example. Our HVH250 and HVH410 motors are now being used in transit bus applications. Additionally, they are being piloted in multiple CV applications, including both medium duty and heavy duty vehicles.

Ahead in Hybrid and Electric Portfolio

The HVH Series is attractive to the CV market for several reasons, Carter says. “These are high-efficiency motors that are rugged when operating at high voltage and power,” he explains. “As fully validated designs, the HVH motors are tested to high industry standards and have demonstrated performance and reliability.”
Another example of electrification for the CV market is our power electronics portfolio.  
“We are developing complete system capability, making it more convenient for our customers to work with us on system integration,” says Carter. “Now, they have one company to represent a larger part of the system.”
BorgWarner is working with several major OEs on how to best apply these technologies to the CV market. Various system architectures are being evaluated as well as different products in all areas—the goal is to develop a broad range of applications tailored to CV.

Ahead in Hybrid and Electric Portfolio

Great Strides, Future Innovations to Come
As BorgWarner’s hybrid and electric portfolio continues to expand in the CV market, fleet owners will have greater access to high-performing solutions that are technologically advanced to better fit their evolving needs.

Great Strides, Future Innovations to Come

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