Diagnosing Starter Systems with Smart IMS

Over the last year, more and more fleets are equipping their heavy-duty applications with the Smart IMS—and for good reason. The Smart Integral Magnetic Switch—or Smart IMS—is simply smart! It protects against six of the most common failure modes that arise from system issues. For each failure mode, there is a protection feature in the Smart IMS specifically designed to counter it and prevent the failure from occurring.

As the Smart IMS continues to become more prevalent in use, it’s important for technicians to know the troubleshooting techniques for starters equipped with a Smart IMS. Some of the Smart IMS features could be misdiagnosed as a starting problem, when, in fact, these features are helping protect the starting system.


For a refresher on how to diagnose a starter  system with Smart IMS, watch our Tech Tip video on the BorgWarner YouTube channel.


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