BorgWarner Brushless Alternator for Industrial Applications

Industrial applications endure some of the roughest, dirtiest environments around. As a result, it’s not uncommon for tractors, oil rig pumps and other industrial equipment to have alternators that start to malfunction when their brushes get contaminated.  

But that’s no longer a headache with our BorgWarner Brushless Alternator for Industrial Applications. Our brushless technology is not threatened by the dust, dirt and oil in these environments. With less susceptibility to contamination, our brushless alternator will add efficiency and longevity to your application.

As the original equipment manufacturer of the 10SI and 12SI, it only makes sense that you’d trust our brushless alternator for your industrial applications. This alternator is designed to fit in the same applications, while providing the improved efficiency and extended life you expect from a brushless alternator—and it’s all backed by our two-year warranty.

Alternator Specifications

Time is money for these applications, so protect your time with our proven brushless solutions. Upgrade to a brushless alternator to improve durability and extend the life of your alternator. Our new option for industrial applications is ideal for marine, agriculture, oil field and other tough environments.

Brushless Alternators

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