Brush Up on Your Technical Skills with Tech Tips

Now is a great time for your tech teams to brush up on skills—and we make it easy with our tech tip videos. We have more than 35 tech tip videos on a variety of topics on our Tech Tip page or check them out on the BorgWarner YouTube page.

Voltage Drop Test
High or unwanted resistance is one contributing factor that leads to cranking and charging system problems. And, a visual inspection of cables and connections doesn’t show what’s going on inside them. Voltage drop testing is the only sure method of determining if there’s an adequate delivery path for optimum starting, charging, battery performance and life. This video explains how to conduct a voltage drop test on the battery, alternator and starter.

Fix an Alternator that Won’t Charge by Flashing the Field
Have you ever installed an alternator that won’t charge? The Flashing the Field video shows you how to easily fix this alternator problem. This tech tip applies to the following Delco Remy alternator model families: 20SI™, 21SI™, 22SI™, 23SI™, 26SI™, 30SI™ and 36SI™.


Troubleshooting Starter Cranking Problems
While cranking problems can be frustrating, identifying and correcting the root cause does not have to be. This video explains how to diagnose symptoms that occur in three troubleshooting categories: 

  • Click — No-Crank
  • No-Click — No-Crank
  • Slow Crank

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