Tech Tip: Dual Input IMS (Integrated Magnetic Switch) Starter

If you service newer trucks, you may have come across ones equipped with a dual input IMS starter. It is important to be aware of it so you can understand how it’s different so you can service it correctly.

The dual input IMS starter has two wiring connection inputs, rather than one. These inputs provide both power (+12V) and ground. Together, they give the vehicle control over the power flowing in and out of the IMS when it is energized.

IMSThese inputs are not polarity sensitive, making the wiring connections foolproof in assembly and service.

In a single input IMS, you only need to provide power to the S terminal to energize the IMS—the ground side of the coil is already integrated into the design. In a dual input IMS, however, both power and ground wires run to the starter to energize the IMS.

If you’re servicing a vehicle with a dual input IMS starter, be sure to replace it with a dual input IMS and not a single input IMS starter. This will eliminate wiring issues and assure the vehicle is operating as designed. 

Our latest tech tip video explains dual input IMS starters. Watch it on the BorgWarner YouTube channel.


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