Delco Remy 34SI™ Heavy Duty Brushless Alternator

34SI Heavy Duty Brushless Alternator
The Delco Remy 34SI is a brushless alternator designed for medium and heavy duty applications and performs well in high vibration applications generating the standard of quality and performance. The absence of moving electrical connections eliminates sparks. The 34SI has excellent radio frequency interference (RFI) suppression with very little parasitic draw and a low turn-on speed. A special coating protects the electronics from dirt, road salt and other corrosives.

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Performance Output 12 Volts 110 & 135 Amps
24 Volts 75 & 100 Amps
Maximum Speed 10,000 RPM Continuous
12,000 RPM Intermittent
Rotation Clockwise
Temperature Rating 93°C / 200°F
Mounting Quad
Polarity Negative Ground (Standard)
Isolated Ground (Available)
Efficiency 60%
Weight 25.4 lbs / 11.5 kg
Stator Diameter 5.98 in / 152 mm
Length 10.35 in / 263 mm
*(US /Canada Only)
1 year / unlimited miles


34SI Quad Mount Dimensions
34SI Pad Mount Dimensions

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