Transit Bus & Motorcoach Alternators

Downtime is not an option when people rely on your transportation.  Delco Remy Transit and Motorcoach Alternators have been keeping the bus on the road for more than half a century.  You can count on Delco Remy Alternators for the reliability and durability required for bus and coach applications.

Transit Bus

Oil Cooled Transit Bus & Motorcoach Alternators

The Delco Remy 50DN and 50DN+ are the original alternators designed specifically for transit applications. They deliver over 75% of rated output at engine idle therefore managing high continuous electrical loads found on bus applications.

Delco Remy 50DN™ High Output Heavy Duty Brushless Alternator

50DN™: Trusted Choice for Over 50 Years

The Delco Remy 50DN transit bus alternator has been powering these applications for over 50 years. The 50DN features a durable brushless design, is oil cooled for long life, and the unit is completely sealed to withstand the external environment.

Delco Remy 50DN+™ High Output Heavy Duty Brushless Alternator

50DN+™: Logical Upgrade Designed for Today's Transit Bus

Today's new transit bus have added inverters, additional lighting, electric cooling fans and electric power steering. They need a more powerful alternator. The Delco Remy 50DN+ provides 450 amps in the package size as the traditional model. The 50DN+ uses the same 50VR regulator and uses the same oil and vent lines making it easy to switch from the original 50DN. The 50DN+ will provide improved battery life and charging time.

Delco Remy T1 Type Heavy Duty Transit Alternator

T1: Air Cooled Motorcoach Alternator

The T1 style alternator is a high quality, new service unit designed specifically for the motor coach market.

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