Delco Remy Logo & Product Image Resource

This page provides download access to Delco Remy logos and product images.  Please read the logo usage guidelines prior to downloading any logos.

Logo Guidelines and Authorization:

  • Authorization by the Delco Remy Heavy Duty marketing department is required prior to use of the logo.
  • Print or other graphics should be offset from the Delco Remy logo by a distance at least the height of the logo's red bar.
  • When print is used near the logo, the type is preferred to be smaller than the size of "Delco Remy".
  • The Delco Remy logo should not have any other graphic elements such as print, photos, illustrations etc., any closer than a distance equal to the height of the red bar.
  • Ink colors for the logo are black and PMS 186 red or process red C=0, M=91, Y=76, K=6.
  • The "Delco Remy" in the logo is always white unless printed on a monochrome printer or non-white substrates
  • The Delco Remy logo must always be isolated with a white border the same width as the space between the black block and red bar.
  • The Delco Remy logo should not have a box or lines around it. 
  • The Delco Remy logo must not be distorted in shape.  The universal logo is square.
  • When using this logo for authorized applications, the following statement must accompany, when practicable: "Delco Remy is a registered trademark of General Motors Corporation, licensed to Remy Inc., Pendleton, IN 46064."
  • Good judgment is urged in order to optimize the impact of the Delco Remy logo. 
  • If there are any questions about the logo usage, contact the Delco Remy marketing department at 800-372-0222

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