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We’ve Got the Ford F-150 Covered: Reman, New or Upgrade

The Ford EcoBoost 3.5L gasoline engines are one of the largest service opportunities in the aftermarket today—and the BorgWarner Turbo Aftermarket portfolio has a complete suite of reman, new service and performance upgrade options available so you can meet every customer’s needs.


As the 2011-2016 Ford F-150 models enter their service life, we’re here to support you and match your customer requests with the right product. Not only is BorgWarner the only manufacturer with all three options— reman, new service and performance upgrade—but we also offer another unique advantage.

“BorgWarner is the first fit for this vehicle platform,” says Patrick Harcourt, Category Manager for Performance Products. “If you want the best performance for your truck, our original equipment replacements or upgrades are a perfect match. You can be assured that our turbochargers— whether they are reman, new service or performance—will offer the same durability and quality as the OEM units. That should give you and your customers confidence.”

Ford F150 part numbers

Ford F-150 Turbochargers: Millions of Service Opportunities

With millions of the Ford F-150 turbochargers on the road, the opportunity for service and sales is significant. With the widest range of products, readily available inventory, and products you can count on, BorgWarner is the logical choice to help you respond to customer needs.

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