Clean mobility is in our hands

No matter how, when or where, clean mobility is in our hands


No matter how it will be, it is in our hands

No matter when tomorrow becomes today

No matter where, we will be together

Sustainable mobility is in our hands

We offer innovative and sustainable technologies designed to help make the world cleaner and more efficient, and as a global partner of automakers, low or zero-emission mobility is in our hands.

Our choices will impact what we will leave for the next generations.

It is up to us to combine the latest technology available with the best choices in the present to guarantee a sustainable future.

Sustainable mobility is in our hands


Whether improving combustion propulsion systems to become more efficient, creating flexible solutions to make hybrid vehicles more accessible, or innovating power electronics, electric motors and transmission systems to offer more opportunities for electric vehicles, we continue to innovate to make mobility more sustainable every day.

How can a power inverter make mobility clean and convenient?


Whether recharging the batteries during braking or driving downhill, transforming energy from exhaust gases into electrical energy, recovering part of the energy lost in the action of fuel cells, or offering efficient charging systems, we provide solutions that help vehicles generate energy while running.

How is power generated while driving?


Whether reusing energy from exhaust gases to increase engine speed and improve the heat exchange of the engine, improving consumption by heating the fuel, or increasing battery performance and life while also decreasing the recharge time, we help automakers develop increasingly energy-efficient vehicles.

How can clean mobility be sustainable?

Conscious consumption is in our hands

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Conscious consumption is an important decision which has a meaningful impact on our society, including our choice of transportation.

As many are often using a vehicle throughout each day, several days a week, the mobility has a significant impact on the world around us.

It is up to us to strive to create an increasingly sustainable world, and choose the best technologies that equip their means of transport is a conscious decision. We offer the latest technology which allows vehicles to be equipped with innovative, energy-efficient products creating more sustainable and democratic environments.Today, we already know how each of our choices has the power to transform our community.

The technologies that each vehicle has can help in the quest to transform our environment for the next generation.Here is our invitation to learn more about the technologies we have developed around the world.

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Conscious consumption is in our hands
Developing the technology of tomorrow, today

Developing the technology of tomorrow, today

Solutions designed for the future, available in the present.

Our diverse portfolio allows important technological advances to be made for the mobility of tomorrow.

No matter when tomorrow becomes today, technologies need to guarantee a clean and efficient world.

We continue to search for  advanced solutions to make sustainable mobility current and accessible to all.

How can a power inverter make mobility clean and convenient?


Purely electric or plug-in hybrid vehicles face challenges to provide convenience to people's lives in terms of battery life, recharge time, and to become accessible to most consumers. 

Innovative technologies can make clean mobility accessible and convenient for your everyday life.



Planning your route without worrying about scheduling stops to recharge your battery is a safety and comfort that helps you focus on what really matters. 

Optimizing the battery life of electric propulsion systems is one of the features offered by the technology developed by BorgWarner, the VIPER. 

The VIPER is a silicon carbide power switch mounted on power inverters that offers greater energy density and efficiency thanks to double-sided cooling.

Power inverters transform the battery's direct current (DC) into an alternating current (AC) to power the electric propulsion motor, essential for electric vehicles.

Within each inverter, there is a power module, usually consisting of six semiconductor switches that manage the power flow to the motor. With the VIPER switch, all six keys have been reduced in size, placed between two small heat sinks that absorb and disperse heat.

This double-sided cooling structure allows for a more compact design, making the latest generation inverters 40% lighter and 30% smaller than conventional ones. With double-sided cooling, the inverters offer greater energy density and efficiency needed to extend the vehicle range and battery performance, allowing for longer trips.


I schedule my stops and have time to recharge ... my energy! 

Battery charging time has been one of the factors that keep potential consumers away from electrified vehicles.

Our routines sometimes do not allow us to make long stops to refuel or recharge the vehicle. However programmed it may be, the time spent on this task makes us rethink how consistent with our needs this clean mobility solution can be.

Reserve your time to recharge your energy!

The battery recharge time for electrified vehicles can be improved with the VIPER inverter.


The VIPER also increases efficiency and allows for a much higher power output in combination with an 800-volt system. Because it is based on Silicon Carbide, the Viper offers an improvement of up to 70% in switching losses and 25% greater energy density, which represents faster recharge times in 800-volt systems.



The technology available in the VIPER inverter allows automakers to take advantage of the efficiency generated to improve their projects and reduce costs through cheaper batteries, making electrified vehicles one of the clean mobility solutions accessible to everyone and good for the environment.

The Viper's unique design allows it to be sized and adapted for low and high-voltage systems, giving automakers the flexibility to manage the various voltage levels required by plug-in and battery-powered hybrid vehicles.

With 70% less switching losses - VIPER improves the response when converting from alternating to continuous electric current. This means that there is less energy loss in this action, and less energy lost is synonymous with energy available for use in the system. This is a great gain for the user and the environment.

With higher energy density - when combined with an 800-volt system- the VIPER is capable of offering 25% more energy than a conventional inverter, thus improving the recharge time.

Both the lower switching loss and the higher energy density give the VIPER efficiency and allow manufacturers to present consumers with a range of available performance options - including battery size, cost and variety of the vehicle applications - similar to how powertrains are marketed today.

Learn more about Viper

Building a cleaner tomorrow, today


Technologies that facilitate our daily lives and connect us with the best practices to preserve the environment today can be crucial for a more sustainable tomorrow.

By understanding that our choices in the present will impact the future, the way we move should be part of those decisions.

And whether opting for collective, individual, shared, application, rental or subscription transportation, mobility can be a way to change the future.

What's your way of changing tomorrow, today?

BorgWarner develops technologies around the world that help vehicles - cars, trucks, buses and agricultural and mining machinery - become increasingly efficient and have low or zero emissions.

Technologies developed and applied today will help transform tomorrow, bringing a better quality of life for future generations, and maintaining our connection with sustainable practices in constant evolution.

This is our way of changing tomorrow, today.

Building a cleaner tomorrow, today
No matter where, we will create a sustainable world together

No matter where, we will create a sustainable world together

Global development available locally.

With our global presence, our technologies are producible in any region of the world.

With low and zero emissions mobility products, we are creating a cleaner world together.

Developing new technologies that combine productive capacity and scale can make them accessible to everyone.

The search for sustainable mobility involves creating workable solutions in any of our factories around the world.

Using best practices, understanding and meeting the needs and demands of each region, and thus enabling clean mobility for all people, no matter where.

How is power generated while driving?


Today, there are several initiatives to take advantage of the energy generated by vehicles. BorgWarner has a technology developed over 15 years ago applied to hybrid and purely electric motors, which is able to reuse the energy generated when braking or going downhill to recharge the vehicle's own batteries. We are talking about HVH - High Voltage Hairpin motors.

HVHs are permanent magnet electric motors that use precisely shaped rectangular wire and several layers of interlaced “clamps” – the patented hairpin -  instead of traditional circular wire windings. This patented winding method, coupled with the small size of the conductors, allows the engine to achieve greater power density and efficiency.

How is power generated while driving?

With compact dimensions, the HVH can be installed in different positions on the vehicle, in addition to having a customizable configuration. They can be mounted where a conventional alternator would traditionally be used, being driven by the belt system of a combustion engine, or positioned between the clutch and the transmission in the case of hybrid applications. Both its compact dimensions and customizable configurations of diameter and length of the stator, as well as the cooling system and electrical connection offer easy integration in almost all hybrid and electric applications.

Provided exclusively to automakers, solutions such as HVH make it possible to transform the design of a vehicle from combustion to hybrid, further improving your energy efficiency. In addition to being used as a start/stop device, the technology helps in the sequence of shifting the vehicle. When operating as a generator, it is able to charge the batteries, taking advantage of the energy generated during braking or on slopes.

The HVH motors are versatile and clean and quiet in operation, allowing passenger cars, commercial and heavy vehicles, such as trucks and buses, to circulate through zero-emission zones and in areas sensitive to noise. 

Learn more about this technology and find out how the clean mobility of tomorrow is available today.

Discover the HVH Series Electric Motor

How can clean mobility be sustainable?


Although the automotive industry has recently gained prominence with its efforts to meet regulations for lower levels of emissions, we know that clean mobility is also linked to the energy source that powers it.

Each region has its demands, needs and limitations, and we understand that each propulsion system adopted is connected to the available energy sources. The use of one engine can be as energy efficient and low emission as another, especially when we consider the entire cycle that involves mobility, from the generation of energy to its final consumption.

Understanding the particularities and requirements of each region makes clean mobility real and sustainable.

We are walking together to offer the best options. Understanding the demands of each market makes our solutions more accessible and sustainable for cleaner mobility. Discover some specific solutions developed to make vehicles powered by biofuel more efficient and low emissions.

How can clean mobility be sustainable?

Supporting clean energy globally


Fuel sources are different in each region of our planet, and it is up to us to learn to enjoy the most sustainable way forward, valuing the energy matrices available in each country or continent.

This learning places us as responsible for maintaining and respecting the demand of each region, as well as developing technologies that enable clean mobility. We create accessible solutions that meet each energy matrix and make vehicles increasingly efficient.

We develop solutions that help vehicles to become more efficient, and our global scope allows us to understand and meet regional demands, respecting the different existing energy matrices and offering advanced technologies to support the environment.

Supporting clean energy globally

Wherever you are, we will create a sustainable world together.

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