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Process Control Technician

bw_wordkay_placeBellwood - Illinois - USA

bw_wordkay_timeMay 13, 2019

bw_wordkay_optionFull time


Position Requirements:

Perform duties to maintain, troubleshoot, and record conditions for maintaining a stable process.

Work from blueprints, process control manuals and instructions:

1.            Monitor & respond to SPC data & make appropriate process adjustments to ensure part compliance with Cust. Specs.

2.            Must know where HAZMAT is used and location of MSDS.

3.            Must be able to perform titrations on both AEG

4.            Maintain control plan settings on wash, acid, rinse and neutralizer tanks.

5.            Verify, perform or assist with equipment set-ups  Roll Coat.

6.            Troubleshoot out of control conditions and communicate process information to the engineering group as necessary. 

7.            Adjust equipment hardware to ensure process conformance within controls on AEG  & Roll Coat.

8.            Collaborate with engineer for repair parts from central stores.

9.            Maintain tooling and spare parts storage areas in an organized manner, including maintaining MRO’s in central stores.

10.          Enter process data and generate related reports utilizing SPC software as required.

11.          Analyze machine rejects; determine the nature of the problem and adjust process

12.          Maintain logs and performance measures.

13.          Interface with team leaders to discuss changeovers or permanent process changes.

14.          Perform work orders and preventative maintenance on all equipment as applicable.

Follow safety rules and keep work area in a clean and orderly condition.

Act and perform duties in a manner that is conducive to a professional, productive and team-oriented environment.

Works with minimal supervision in a fast-paced environment.

Perform other duties as assigned.

Must be forklift certified.

Internal Candidates: Eligibility to Bid

•     Employees with less than one year of service are only eligible to bid on higher paying labor grade positions.

•     Employees with more than one year of service will receive first consideration. 

•     Employees in a Disciplinary Step 1 are eligible to bid on any job.

•     Employees in Step 2 are eligible to bid on any job after 1 year.

•     Employees in Step 3 are eligible to bid on any job after 1 year.

•     If an employee accepted a new position, they cannot bid on the same or lower paying labor grade for 1 year.

•     If you were previously forced out of this job classification and are interested in returning to the position, you must complete a job bidding form.

 This Position requires that you be able to Read and Write English.

Internal Candidates : Eligibility to Interview

•     Applicants must meet all criteria in the job bidding process

•     Employees who have been interviewed within 6 months for the SAME exact position  may not be re-interview.

Candidates with a Wonderlic® Score of 16 or higher and a Weisen score of 40 or higher. are eligible for LG6 positions and higher.

Labor Grade 5, Technician

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