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BorgWarner _ Fuel Systems

Fuel Systems

BorgWarner (BW) Fuel Systems (FS) Engineering team has been supporting local and global OEM projects for the past 17 years. The site has rich and diverse experience on Engine Management solutions for Diesel, Gasoline and Hybrid Combustion Systems. As part of the expansion plans, we will be moving to a dedicated Tech Centre which is around 26,000 sq. ft. and which will meet the increasing demand for supporting new projects.  

The engineers’ capability at TCI constantly expands from designing mechanical components for Fuel Handling systems like Canisters, Fuel pumps, etc.., and developing complex system algorithms, coding them, and executing Verification and Validation for the various vehicle functions.  

TCI stands unique in that we not only support the local OEM projects but play a key role too as an extended team for all FS Technical centers supporting the global OEMs. 

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