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Getting into the Spirit of Ramadan

Ramadan marks a very special time of year for our Muslim colleagues and for 1.8 billion Muslims around the world. The holy month of Ramadan will run from 12th April to 11th May.  This is of significant importance in Bradford where nearly a quarter of the population are actively practicing the Islamic faith.  The Bradford plant wants to raise awareness throughout the workforce during this period of reflection and invites you all to join in the celebration.

Although COVID may have put a stop to traditional ways this month is marked, the ‘Diversity and Inclusion’ team were not short of ideas.  There have been 2 meeting rooms converted into ‘self-reflection’ spaces where colleagues who are required on-site can gather some much needed peace and quiet at appropriate time slots through the day.  There is also a specially themed canteen menu for those who want to explore the variety of culinary tastes on offer.  Screens around the plant will display a wealth of information to enhance understanding which will include interesting facts, common myth-busters, recipes to try at home, healthy living advice and much more.

One thing that is also a fundamental part of Ramadan is giving to those less fortunate than ourselves.  With this in mind, BorgWarner Bradford has launched the ‘Join the Fast Challenge’ which encourages anyone from any background to join their fasting colleagues on 30th April 2021 to experience first hand what it is like.  This year we will be raising funds for the Bradford Central Food Bank, as we believe no one should go hungry.  Please feel free to join yourself and pledge to our appeal through our Virgin Money Giving page.

Keep an eye out for further updates from the team who will be attempting this challenge and please give them your full support!

Ramadan Mubarak

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