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Who are we?

BorgWarner Campus in Poland is a part of USA-based BorgWarner Inc., a manufacturer of technologically advanced components and units for drive and drive transmission systems in motor vehicles.

The Company is localized in a Special Economic Zone in Science and Technology Park near Rzeszów-Jasionka International Airport.

Our modern facilities specialize in manufacturing turbochargers (Turbo Systems), automated transmission clutch components and systems, solenoids and friction plates (Transmission Systems), timing chains and variable cam timing (Morse Systems) for the automotive sector.

Localized in Rzeszów Technical Center, Research and Development department is one of the most important areas of our operations, and it's the foundation of company's functioning.  

Remanufacturing of turbochargers, transmission clutches and friction plates is another significant business of BorgWarner. REMAN components offer the same high performance and reliability that the automotive industry has come to expect of company's products. 

Our customers embrace all major car companies around the world, including Fiat/GM, Ford, BMW, Audi, Volkswagen, Daimler, ZF, Volvo, Renault, JLR, MAN as well as slow movers JCB, John Deere.

At BorgWarner we focus our manufacturing expertise, customer diversity and collaborative culture on the need to improve fuel economy, reduce emissions and optimize performance.

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