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Vigo Campus BW

BorgWarner Vigo

The creation of our location dates back more than 50 years. Demonstrating a great commitment and experience in the automotive sector from the beginning of the activity.

Today in the Vigo Campus we can find: 

  • The production plant where takes place the manufacture of products development in the STC.
  • The Spain Technical Center (STC) that is dedicated to the development and design of EGR cooler products, using innovative technologies and carrying out new projects for BorgWarner globally.
  • The new Spain Technical Centre electronics, located 10 km away, in Porto do Molle, Nigrán, which focuses on the development of new products and technologies for electric vehicles.

With this website we intend to offer you a detailed vision of BorgWarner Vigo, what our products are, what we do and which career opportunities are currently open to apply . All this is possible thanks to the values that BorgWarner has and that are always present: Respect, Collaboration, Passion for Excellence, Personal Integrity and Responsibility for our Communities

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